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La Prairie

Swiss Bliss

A fantastic 3-hour experience that makes you forget time. The method is based on the fundamentals of Caviar Firming treatment and leads to immediate results. Face and body are truly harmonized with this programme. It is effective from head to toe and provides the feeling of total relaxation and of complete well-being.

180 minutes: € 395.00

Caviar Body Treatment

Luxurious caviar is the basis of this constitutive and energy-dispensing total body massage. Vitality, firmness and even texture are the result.

90 minutes: € 155.00

Cellular Detoxifying Back

Intensive treatment of the back for him and her. This often neglected part of the body is cleansed and exfoliated. While waiting for the products to take effect, you can enjoy a pleasant hand and foot massage.

60 minutes: € 115.00 

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